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Who is Thierry Laudren ?

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  • • born in 1964
  • • Opened his workshop in 1996.
  • • He trained himself for six years, including three years at the famous 'Ecole Boulle' (Paris), to become a woodcarver specialized in ornamentation, sculptures of woodworks.
  • • He has worked as a model maker and decorator in Paris before returning to Rennes [Brittany] to take up his present job as a wood sculptor.
  • • He also works for the "Monuments Historiques", repairing very old pieces of carved wood.

Presentation by J. Le Caïnec, a journalist.

In the Paul Louail artisanal centre, deaf noises escape from the long corridor with closed doors. The one on the left at the end of the corridor bears the discreet mark of Thierry Laudren, the wood-carver, a craftsman of art. A ring. No answer. So we gently push the door open.

The man is at work, a headset on his ears to deafen to shrill noise of the machine tool.. In this little room which acts as a hall, oak boards of all sizes are piled up or placed side by side along the wall. A thin layer of sawdust covers the floor. We are far from the sanitized galleries which, too often, mask the hard work of creation.

We walk into the little room nearby, taking care to where we tread. Sketches and drawings are hanging on the wall, jumbled up together before being filed with those already kept in albums.

The first inspirations of Thierry Laudren are born here from his imagination related to Nature or to a meeting between the trees and the man.

Th Laudren

Drafts which, in the small room nearby, will become studies to give to the works of art the value of an object shaped by the craftsman : the ultimate stage before coming to life on the mezzanine which is the central room of the workshop.

A bright space which summarizes the artist's activity : works in the process of making, some just begun or almost completed, others left aside for a while until the work to be done becomes clearer. A merry disorder, full of treasures as testified bythese remnants of passed work, these plasters with the effigy of characters that may be seen on the frames of churches that Thierry Laudren sometimes restores. And always this thin layer of sawdust, the token of a never-ending activity…